EMMA helps Census employees get the support they need faster

For a Census Bureau employee, a day collecting household and demographic information at times can have unfortunate circumstances, resulting in injury or property damage. We’re here to help.

EMMA Advantages

  • Real-time sentiment analysis to detect stress and automatically route calls in case of an emergency
  • Computer Vision to interpret personal property damage, generate an estimate of liability, and reduce fraud
  • Smart Contract features of Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology for secure medical and personal information sharing, maintaining integrity and provenance of data
  • Robotic Process Automation for improvement of claim handling efficiency and reduction of human errors.
  • 911 Emergency call feature to contact Emergency Services if injured and notification to supervisors and Safety Office.

How EMMA Works

When a Census employee reports an incident or injury, via phone, EMMA’s automation will make it easier to  complete the reporting and claims process within minutes versus the 72 hours they are experiencing today

Customer Experience

Leveraging RPA to automate repetitive processes related to claims filings, EMMA uses Automation Anywhere Bots to perform tasks, parse, trigger error-free responses, and reduce the time to complete a claims form from 72 hours to minutes.

Employing Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, and Virtual Assistants to reduce the burden on the “Are You Hurt?” hotline enables faster support and response for Census employees while reducing the burden of various department staff

Operational Processes

Leveraging AI including computer vision, to automatically estimate damage when a Census employee is involved in an automobile accident.

Data Governance

EMMA supports a smart contracts feature of Blockchain/DLT to enforce the rules for information sharing that eliminates the potential for accidental disclosure, such as PII and Title 13 which may result in fines and penalties.